FPI.IHRP - Overall software management human resources


Home Credit continues using FPT.iHRP trustfully.

FPT Information System GMC Company (FPT IS GMC) has just deployed to upgrade the Payroll and Human Resource Management Software (FPT.iHRP) for Home Credit Finance Corporation.

Home Credit is running FPT.iHRP software version 2.0 from 2009. With rapid growth speed of Personnel’s size and quantity, Home Credit anew chooses FPT as Partner deployed FPT.iHRP version 3.0 aims to response the actual demand of the enterprise.

All modules deployed in new version include: System management, Personnel management, Timesheet information management, Salary management, Insurance management, Recruitment and Personal Services management.

Built on overall management foundation, FPT.iHRP not simple is a personnel management software, it brings a modern and effective management method for the best enterprise’s asset – human resource

FPT.iHRP is a packing product, running on Web browser (can deploy by Cloud model) and combine with Mobility – the most popular technology currently. This software is appraised with easy utilisation, low infrastructure investment cost, easy and quick in operation, maintenance, upgrade, supporting multi-languages system and familiar with users.

The product doestn’t only help to manage whole data centrally therefore extracting data quickly, accurately, helps the leaders follow up the personnel status conveniently and make the timely decision, but also having high security, many smart and utility functions.

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