FPI.IHRP - Overall software management human resources


Auchan corporation trusted to choose FPT.iHRP

FPT-IS-GMC has just signed the Contract to supply and deploy Human Resource & Payroll Management Software – FPT.iHRP for Auchan Vietnam Corporation 

Pass through many hard appraisable process and compete with many difference domestic and international products, finally, with advantageous knowledge of Vietnam  personnel market, packing product with rapid time in deployment, high adaptation and many facilities for users, FPT.iHRP was chosen by Auchan corporation trustfully.

Whereby, FPT-IS-GMC will deploy within 27 weeks with whole 8 modules of system: System management; Recruitment management; Personnel management; Timesheet information management; Salary management; Insurance management; 

Auchan – the biggest retail corporation cooperated with CT Group to develop S-Mart supermarket chains in Vietnam. Supermarket chains will be operated by Mr Jordi Fernandez, former Sale director of MASAN in Spain and Tunisia

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