User friendly, simple, convenient and quick

  • Web-based platform

Unlike human resources management systems that run on Windows, FPT.iHRP can be installed centrally from one location so it is not necessary to install it on separate computers. This saves enterprises time and resources in deploying, upgrading and training on the software.

This feature also allows the software to be highly compatible and avoids the errors of Windows-based systems that are installed separately on each computer.

  • General management

FPT.iHRP has the ability to establish a comprehensive and thorough system for all aspects of human resources management, from recruitment to general management, training and development, presenting an overall picture of a company's human resources.

  • FPT IS has a thorough knowledge of Vietnam's business and human resources policies, which means

FPT.iHRP is a modern program and a general management system for human resources.

  • Parameterizable

This feature creates flexibility that allows users to design salary formulas and generate reports to meet the specific requirements of individual enterprises. 

Flexible salary formulas enable enterprises to provide different salaries in line with the company's human resources strategies for each period.

Flexible reporting allows users to create separate reports for each task and management level at different times.

  • Centralized data - concurrent information

This feature helps access information quickly to provide concurrent information in large enterprises with many branches and subsidiaries.

  • Supporting utilities for users

The system provides effective alert tools to ensure the human resources department and system users are aware of contract expirations, probationary periods shifting to official recruitment, appointment expirations and sending pay slips via email.

These procedures are handled by the program to help customers save time and costs and improve their management capabilities.