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Vietnam Gas Corporation (PV Gas)

In recent years, with the expansion of production and business activities, number of employees has increased rapidly. Therefore, the management of an effective personnel management, recruitment, training, employment and wages policies for employees PV Gas is led special interest.

"FPT.iHRP has met the urgent needs of PV Gas on personnel management oriented standardization, professionalism and level of international"

PV Gas

Vietnam Gas Corporation (PV Gas) is a joint-stock companies, affiliates of the National Oil and Gas Group of Vietnam, operates on the field collecting, transporting, processing, storage, distribution and trading gas products on a national scale.

GAS have PV structure includes: 14 boards and the Office of the executive body of the corporations; 08 affiliated companies; 01 project management, in addition to 08 member units held by PV Gas dominant share capital and 04 affiliate funds.

Number of employees of the company up to 3000 users, distributed operations at the unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Can Tho and Ca Mau.


In recent years, with the expansion of production and business activities, number of employees has increased rapidly. Therefore, the management of an effective personnel management, recruitment, training, employment and wages policies for employees PV Gas is led special interest.

However, the management personnel in the member units of PV Gas is the main villa with excel, word. The calculated data only locally, not shared. The business also empirical, manually, to many people and not the system, basically.

With the current status of human resource management is relatively manually, so the management staff did not meet the requirements of increasing management officials, professional staff to promote the rapid development of company. PV Gas is therefore the need to build systems enterprise resource planning complete, and the first module Human Resource Management - an area where PV Gas is required to computerize the management of staff, recruitment , training, employment and wages policies ... to employees effectively, quickly and accurately oriented standardization, and professionalization of international qualifications.

Collecting, processing, storing, trading, gas supply is the main activity of the PV array GAS and also markets large-scale well developed in recent times as well as in the future, so to dominate the market, PV Gas requesting urgent strengthening, upgrading and building new systems enterprise resource planning, the first system of human resource management.

  • Provides tools computerize the whole process of human resource management, training, employment, wages, PV policy regime GAS an effective, rapid, accurate, objective-oriented system normalization, professionalize and achieve international level;
  • Open standards, have the ability to update, supplement and functional connections with other modules of the ERP to ensure that established a complete ERP system in the future.
  • Of PV Gas Management staff in the divisions, affiliates of PV Gas in Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau and Ca Mau and Can Tho


FPT IS Gas PV deployment programs for Human Resource Management and wages for these modules include:

  • Management Staff
  • Management Salaries
  •  Attendance Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Management Trainin
  • Management Jobs
  • Evaluatio
  • Management System
  • Website operators information
  • Website Registration Online recruitment information.

Project to be implemented within 109 days, in accordance with the schedule, including work from the inception, development, training and data entry is complete - user manual and tested a month before the general the test.

FPT.iHRP system meets the requirements of PV Gas are:

Requirements management:

  • Meet the management needs of current and PV GAS in the future.
  • Setting the standard HR.
  • Solution is available (module of).
  • Easy to use, has many advanced gadgets.
  • Standardized, can connect with other management software as standard.
  • Can expand (the number of user, site, update ...), convenient.
  • Security and safety solutions back up the data well.

Functional requirements

  1. To fully satisfy the provisions of the State Corporation, PV Gas, related to the management staff, labor management, wages, bonuses, recruitment management, training management, insurance social and health insurance, unemployment insurance and other policies ...
  2. The data must be connected between the development of human resources, accounting, auditing, general director GAS PV and PV GAS affiliated companies, and must ensure the confidentiality of information on line.
  3. The system allows the entire staff of PV Gas can access at work, from the outside using VPN security mechanisms and use the program as authorized.
  4. System based on WEB interface completely.
  5. Vietnamese interface using Unicode font.
  6. There are high security, strict separation of powers by the user and user groups, related to the functions of the committee, affiliated companies.
  7. Runs on Windows environment.
  8. Having the data backup utility (Backup) regularly to ensure data safety.
  9. Data link and data transfer to other files such as Excel, Access, SQL Server / Web to facilitate the search, exchange and access information.
  10. There are tools to generate reports (tables, graphs ...) as required by the user.
  11. There is the reporting tool to help users to be able to create reports.
  12. The system is built to be open to facilitate future expansion.
  13. The system allows to set salary formulas, allowing one to establish many different formulas salary.
  14. Update the salaries and allowances is encrypted to ensure absolute safety, no one can view your earnings information without the authorization from the system.
  15. This system allows the implementation of the approval process online: browser allows online, hours online, online recruitment requirements, ...
  16. There is a warning system, prompted work on a regular basis (labor contract expired, retired, reappointed, birthday leadership ...)

A number of specific requirements

The program also meets the requirements of PV Gas in modules such as Management Staff, Management Recruitment, Absence Management ...

For example, in the Absence Management module, the particular field of mining and gas business, the hours of labor by PV Gas are separate gang cases, requires an appropriate management program and program process developed to add features to meet this requirement.


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