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The Representative office of British American Tobacco Marketing (Singapore)

"Management and supervision of human resources are now performed scientifically, easily and in detail, which has improved the accuracy and effectiveness of the staff's working capacity."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai, Human Resources Expert, British American Tobacco (BAT) in Vietnam)

FPT.iHRP facilitates management of staff at BAT 

British American Tobacco (BAT), the second largest global tobacco corporation in the world, has been present in Vietnam since the 1950s. The company established a partnership with the Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation (Vinataba) - Vietnam's biggest State-owned tobacco company - in 2001 to form the British American Tobacco - Vinataba Joint Venture Company which has operations in both planting and processing tobacco.

BAT in Vietnam produces eight internationally known cigarette brands including Dunhill, Pall Mall, and State Express 555, as well as Craven A, White Horse, Virginia Gold, Everest and Seven Diamonds.

Actual situation and requirements 

Before 2008, BAT in Vietnam managed its human resources on Assess, which made it difficult to share data among multiple users.

The company needed a management program which could manage its HR centrally and extract data quickly, easily and accurately for paying salaries, managing payables, and other functions.


In January 2008, FPT IS deployed the FPT.iHRP human resources and payroll management programs for BAT to manage data on 250 employees.

The program continues to meet BAT's management needs after four years of use and has adapted well to various changes in policies and human resources.

Customer feedback

"The most outstanding feature of FPT.iHRP for us is that it makes accessing and extracting information easy and fast.The high level of security and confidentiality and the ability to utilize and provide data concurrently allows us to work quickly and develop a close relationship among different sections of the company. The training and support for users, as well as FPT's outstanding customer care services, were also major factors in our choice to deploy the FPT.iHRP system."

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai

Human Resources Expert, BAT Company in Vietnam



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