FPI.IHRP - Overall software management human resources


Nam A Bank

To meet its need to develop modern facilities, Nam A Bank has chosen to invest in FPT.iHRP software to effectively manage its human resources.

Nam A Bank officially began operations on October 21, 1992 and, over the past 18 years it has developed a network of over 50 transaction offices nationwide employing more than 1000 staff.

Nam A Bank now aims to become one of most modern, developed and effective banks in Vietnam.

Actual situation and requirements

Before applying FPT.iHRP, the bank had no specialized software and managed its human resources with Excel. The bank faces many complex issues managing over 1000 staff at its head office and branches, and requires a large resource to do so.

In order to meet its immediate demands for developing modern facilities, Nam A Bank needed customized human resources management software.

Solution & Results

Nam A Bank selected and applied most of the FPT.iHRP management subsystems, which were installed in two phases:.

Phase 1: Deploying subsystems for general human resources management, including recruitment, time and attendance tracking, and training.

Phase 2: Deploying subsystems to handle payroll, insurance, assessment, and and an information website.

Most of these programs have been installed successfully and the payroll subsystem will be completed when the bank has finalized its new system for calculating salaries.

The project was tested and handed over in May 2011.


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