FPI.IHRP - Overall software management human resources


East Asia Bank (Dong A Bank)

Dong A Bank needed central general management for its human resources with the ability to share information easily among its different department so it decided to invest in the FPT.iHRP system.


FPT.iHRP helps Dong A Bank manage general human resources easily and quickly.

Dong A Bank is one of the leading banks in Vietnam, continually updating and diversifying its services and applying the latest technologies to become prominent in the field of finance and banking and develop into a multi-functional bank and a strong financial corporation. 

Actual situation and requirements


Dong A Bank has one head office with 32 departments and centers, four member companies and 224 branches, transaction offices and transaction centers nationwide. Handling over 4300 staff, the bank's HR department requires a central system that enables easy sharing of information for effective general human resources management.

Solution &  Results


Dong A Bank installed the FPT.iHRP program with all its subsystems in 2009.

All personnel information is now managed centrally at the head office, making human resources management at its branches, subsidiaries and transaction centers nationwide easy and accurate.

FPT.iHRP is a web-based program so personnel officers at all the bank's branches, subsidiaries and transaction centers can access the system and update and utilize information concurrently, which saves considerable time and management costs.


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