FPI.IHRP - Overall software management human resources


Duy Tan Plastic Joint Stock Company

Duy Tan Plastic Joint Stock Company, formerly the Duy Tan Plastic Manufacturing Group, was established in October 1987 and is currently one of the leading plastics companies in Vietnam using end-to-end manufacturing technology to provide high-quality plastic products.


Actual situation and requirements


With over 2000 staff, the company needed a general management system for its human resources to meet some of its specific business characteristics.

Solutions and results 

Duy Tan Plastic deployed all the FPT.iHRP subsystems.

The company has a fleet of staff constantly traveling to different provinces and cities so it needed software that could manage human resources generally as well as track the fleet's time, arrivals, departures and deliveries.

FPT IS was able to customize the software to handle the data required for some of the company's specific policies.



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