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Understanding what employees do not share

Sometimes, the staffs never share with you the things you most want to hear. Sometimes, silence is good, but the silence did not allow you to understand your true human as well as what the subordinates need at you.

Your staffs may have some feelings that you have not known, and here are some examples. "Stop telling me own stories of you". Talked about the topic associated to job will help build friendly relations between employer and employees, but many people only talk about themselves while not understand what the listeners think.

In general, the employees, especially new employees, often without much interested to hear about your too personal stories. The new employees always feel they are the part of the organization and the most important thing for them is how the boss assessment their work capability, and old employees want to know how much the extent their boss interested in them. "Don't you see I'm busy?".

When you stop beside the staffs to talk, forcing them to stop to speak. When leaving, you did not know to have left back the anxiety for employees because many things unfinished, they must sprint to catch up. The staffs would like to chat with you, but they also have work to do.

The solution should be if the employee's work is just simple operations, help them while talking. Then, the staff appreciates your help and the conversation will be felt less forced.

In other circumstances, should choose the appropriate timing. Do not interrupt the work of the staff are busy! "Have you ever thought about my situation and my own life!". Passing by, asking subordinates with general questions such as: "How are your children lately?" Or "Where are you going to play after leaving office, today?" ... You just proved the superficial interest and not honest with employees.

Need to take the time to learn about staff deeply to when chatting, you must follow a practical content. One of the ways to show people you truly care about them is follow the principle of 20%, particularly when talking to employees, never say more than 20% of the time because you have to take the time to listen to them. "Respected me, please give me important things to do".

Assigning key works for staff is a clear sign to show the respect. Do it as much as you can. "Trusted me, please give me the right to decide how to implement!". When assigning someone who is been confident a big work, allowing him the right to self-determination within the limits and under certain conditions, he will feel your appreciation and will strive to deserve with your trust.

"I really want to work permanently in the company." Prior to the age of thirty, employees often jump for many reasons, for example, wages, intolerable boss ... Please learn the causes employees to leave job and settle for thoroughly. The employees have to think many times when changing jobs. In general, everyone wants to have good jobs and stable, but many managers do not understand that.

Observe, listen, make wise action in accordance with the duties of an administrator is the method how you will keep most of their good employees stay with.

"Gifts are good, but thank of you is what I love more." Look for reasons to thank your employees as often as possible. Give thank benefit you in two ways: employees will feel appreciated and you have a great connection to start conversations with them in a natural and beneficial for common tasks.

According to HALAM/SGBWeekend

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