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Should employees be encouraged to do more work?

Many businesses, especially small businesses, the notion that in order to use labor effectively, priority should hire people who have the ability to do many types of work. However, recent studies have concluded that the employees do many things at the same time will reduce the group's overall effectiveness and degrade the quality of the work.

Dr. Joelle K. Jay - a consultant on corporate governance, the author of several books on corporate governance, including the book The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices for Personal Leadership (roughly translated: 10 secrets of personal leadership) have shown that when doing multiple things at the same time, a person's productivity will decline due to loss of ability to focus on key priorities.

He is very concerned about the findings of neurological specialists is in an hour, people can only focus up to about three minutes. Joelle K. Jay said that the company should not be considered an employee to do many things at the same time is a good thing, worthy of praise.

In fact, businesses may inadvertently lose more than two hours labor of staff when employees must do more work in the same time or frequent interrupted in the work.

He warned: "If you do not plan on scientific work time for important projects or goals, employees can jump from this job to another job and was struggling in a bunch of activities, from that overarching vision loss in jobs and careers. Actions of staff then become more response rather than the implementation of the objectives outlined. "

To overcome the drawback of the way the "versatile", the administrators should direct their staff to some of the following measures:

1. Make a list of priority tasks. If an employee is given 20 top priorities, as he has no priority.

2. Set clear schedule for ongoing work (or project) until completion, trying not to be interrupted by other things. For example, the time needed to complete a task is only one hour, it must only spend all time to do only that job.

3. Arrange the activities of a similar nature about thinking or movement in the same period. For example, in the morning for dealing with documents, papers and activities that require high creativity, and in the afternoon for activities requiring more energy and be more interactive as meeting customers, sales.

4. In this way, employees will have a reasonable work schedule and achieve the highest productivity.

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