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Keep the persistence for the staffs

In modern times, a number of businesses have conditions for their employees learn to manage stress so that they have reasonable behavior with simple problems do not often appear in the working environment.

Here is a story about such courses. The lecturer brings a glass of water and asked: "According to you, how heavy is this glass of water?".

Many answers have given yet and everyone said that the glass of water weighs between 20 to 50 grams. The lecturer changes the direction: "The absolute weight of the glass of water is not a problem, but it is important that you try to hold it for how long.

If you hold it for a minute, there wouldn't be serious problem occurred, but within half an hour, could appear a mild pain in the arm holding a glass of water.

When someone trying to keep it constantly throughout the day, may have to call an ambulance! Whether the glass of water is quite light, but if you hold it as long as that simple work was becoming heavy ". Since then, the lecturer refers to the main topic: "That's the way that we approach the concept of stress management.

If to bear long-term job pressure, sooner or later the burden will grow until we can not stand. To hold a glass of water for long time, after a term-holding, we must put it down to rest a little and then picked it up.

Holding with professional work, too, when we need to rest, relax for a refreshed, and then continue to be with our burden. The advice that today, when you leave the office, you leave the burden of work in the back, do not take it home. Tomorrow morning, we will go back and continue to struggle with it.

No matter how important the burden you are struggling, but when you have tired, please take a break. So we have enough stamina to work long until retirement age. Do not think that you make extra bit to complete the work and then will comfortably rest to compensate.

That thinking is more harmful than usefully, the work will be exhausting your labor”. In business, every employee must hold a workload with very different properties.

In addition to the level of difficulty or ease of expertise (requires certain abilities and experience), there is another aspect of the situation work. If that subordinates are about to be overwhelmed,  managers are good at psychology will actively help staffs temporary put the burden down to rest for strength, means temporary staffs are reduced pressure, thereby employee's stamina is not diminished.

Staffs will have enough strength to "run a marathon" and it is the strategic success of the administrator. Therefore, the observations to cover the situation and attitude of staffs are as important as the administrator has deep expertise to help staffs improve productivity, quality and efficiency job.

In the cover, good managers can see who is excited about the work to encourage, and who are being repressed, to be able to help them relieve stress. That is always very practical effective for maintaining the vigor of the enterprise. In summary, it is important for strategic human in business is not only to attract talent and building capacity work of the staffs, but also know to convalescence their ability to work, help them always maintain the necessary strength.

According to theSaigonBusinessman

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