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Apprentices management from ... professional fortune-teller

Observation capability makes it easy to get the subtle comment on others. But in most transactions, there are many things to consider than what the naked eye can see, it is the inner world hidden behind their appearance.

Sensitive ability

Dave Marr, former champion golfer of the Professional Golf Association (PGA), has made a bet law in this sport: "Never bet to the person standing on the first hole if he or she has sunburned skin, with very small golf sticks in the bag and odd eyes".

Most of the transactions provide sufficient evidence to enable you to see what is hidden under the surface. Sometimes there are unconscious actions which people say or do, for example, they look away when partners ask questions. However, there are some behaviors, aren't simple and aren't necessarily due to the unconscious, such as choosing specific sentences to express ideas. Anyone can guess the character of others, it is important to grasp the signs shown through their actions.

It's amazing how many leaders are not aware of it. They absolutely don’t know what is going on around them. They only pay attention to themselves and ignore others, or care for their company without the need to know what others are doing.

We can not work efficiently without the sensitivity to others, especially in the field of business. In general, all aspects of this process are related to the people - who manage them, sell to them, work with them, or simply to promote them work. Not sensitive can not be smart. Sensitive ability helps you reach visionary, become wise as well as success and wealth. It will help you predict the future.

The true nature of a person can not change follow the circumstances. The more you know someone, the more you discover a lot about the inner world hidden behind their appearance as well as can predict their reactions in all transactions. This knowledge is invaluable!

This is the "how to do business" of professional fortune-tellers. In centuries, they used this procedure to predict the future. They usually probe customers by observing how people behave, how their looks, what kind of dress and make a few silly questions. From these data, a fortune-teller can "see the future", but in fact what has learnt, they just say what the client wants to hear.

Based on the smallest information, good fortune-tellers can make accurate predictions that make people jump. With such capabilities, if operated company, a fortune-teller would become excellent directors. In fact, many directors just are bad fortune-tellers.

Sensitive ability requires you to extend the senses, speak less and listen more. Silence, watching and listening, you'll know most of what you need to know, more than what other people want you to know.

Attentively listen

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