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5 levels of creative thinking

Enterprises want their staff know how to work creatively. The staffs-selves also understand that if develop creative in work, they will advance in their career, have recognition of business and society.

As discussed in more detail, the concept of "creative thinking" is often thought roughly, in general. According to the expert in training of human creativity, the creative thinking capacity is represented by at least five levels below.

1. "Recognizing the need for a new approach" is the lowest level (level 5), corresponding to when the employees know:

- Fun to receive new ideas.
- Rethinking the traditional approach and finding possible solutions.
- Recognizing when need a new approach, referring the information about the new approach.

2.  "Changing the existing approach" is a higher level (level 4), occurs when the employees know:
- Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of existing approaches.
- Change and make the existing approaches are more appropriate to the needs.
- Identify different solutions based on what they already know.
- Seeing an optimal solution after considering the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.

3. "Giving new approach" is the third level, corresponding to when the employees know:
- Looking for ideas or solutions work in different environments to apply them in your enterprise.
- Using the existing solutions in new ways to solve the problem with higher efficiency.
- Seeing the good prospects while continuing to apply the existing solutions in several new other ways.

4. Further, they progress to level 2 is "Creating new concept" when have the ability to:
- Synthetizing necessary concepts to build a new solution.
- Creating new models and methods for enterprise.
- Identifying flexibility and suitable solutions as well as identifying appropriate professional standards and the organization corresponding to the new solution.

5. The highest is the level 1: "Nurturing creativity", but this capability is only available in very few management experts, including:
- Ability to develop an environment that fosters creative thinking, always stimulate people emulative to find innovative research solutions.
- Encourage people to test new ideas different from the traditional ways.
- Support for testing new ideas to transform ideas into reality.

Thus, in the same direction to creative thinking, but each individual in the enterprise may belong to this level or other levels. The observed to know the creative minds level of staff, to create conditions for people from level 4 to 2 developing the capabilities of their duties and also is not  the small challenge for the corporate governance. Overcome challenges, administrators took themselves the training to gradually achieve level 1.

According to TRUONG TRI DUNG/SGB Weekend

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